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The great artist Pablo Torres

photoBIcroma is mourning the loss of not only a great artist but also a beautiful human being, a great friend, Pablo Torres.
pablo-torres-maxwellPablo Torres was born the March 18′ of 1989¬†in Guadalajara – Jalisco and was living in Puerto Vallarta where he built a life and made great friends…
Painter, musician, architect, teacher. In love with love. He was a¬†very passionate man, totally devoted to the things that he intended to do and at the same time inspiring and encouraging other people to do the same.¬†He has been one of very few people that I have had the pleasure of meeting (very few people in a world so modern and lacking in love) with an extraordinary talent that I still think should be recognized worldwide. He deserves it, he’s worth it.¬†So my intention here¬†is to make known part of his great works so you can share it and can reach more people…

A passionate artist, a tireless hunter of love.
You are now a resplendent star in the search of your soul mate, the woman with the hair of fire and the little Lucia.
It has been a great pleasure to have met you. Thank you for your beautiful art, beautiful soul, meet you in next life.

Pablo Torres
“Maxwell PL”
March 18, 1989 – November 26, 2016

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